Export Abattoir Gijzels and Litams 

Litams takes care of all livestock information, from “heat” to “meat” for the sheep, goats and cattle. They ensure that pre-kill, all pertinent data of each animal is available to Abattoir Gijzels. Therefore they consult several databases for this, they also provide the traceability of carcasses and meat, making each product that our abattoir supplies is traceable to the origin, often including pedigree data.

Stable construction 

After the journey, that sometimes takes a long time; the animals are unloaded and immediately taken to the stables, amply provided with straw.  
After the living sheep are inspected by the VWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority), they are taken to the slaughterhouse.


First we anaesthetize the sheep. Most of the actions are done by means of the automatic slaughter line. Besides that, our experienced and professional employees also perform manual actions. This process takes place under supervision of an assistant of the KDS (Kwaliteitskeuring Dierlijke Sector B.V.)
(Quality Inspection Animal Sector Ltd). In order to keep our EG no.84, the slaughtering needs to be done in conformity with the European directives.


In accordance with the EU regulations, the slaughtered sheep are kept and cooled in the cold store to a temperature of 6ºC. The end product is selected per customer; whereupon it is loaded into our refrigerated trucks and transported to the final destinations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and in Italy.


Over the years we do have our regular conveyor for the transport of this livestock who does all our transportations in the most animal-friendly way.
Our fleet consists of two refrigerated trucks and one delivery van in order to deliver our fresh products as soon as possible to the client.