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Welcome to the website of Fa Gebrs. Gijzels-Import  Export slaughterhouse

Quality and service are our references...... 
Fa Gebr.Gijzels is an outspoken family business and also maintains close contacts with customers and suppliers in the Netherlands and abroad.
Export Slaughterhouse Gijzels is managed by two brothers Maurice and Patrick Gijzels.
Maurice is amongst others responsible for purchasing and selecting living lambs for the sale. He is responsible for the supervision of the slaughter process and order of the final product. 
Patrick is responsible for the marketing / sales and logistics of the product. He provides the customers of both whole and proportioned parts of the end-product. He also controls the supply of live cattle either from our own breeding or through third parties and the sale of carcases.
The wife of Maurice is also involved in the business; Rita is responsible for the secretarial and financial administration, while Silvie Seuss is responsible for the Invoicing and other activities. 
The main activity of the Company Gebroeders Gijzels is the slaughtering of sheep, lambs and cattle. An average of about 700 lambs and about 50 cattle are slaughtered per week currently, because of this our company is one of the leading companies in this sector in the Benelux/EU. These lambs are purchased mostly through agents over many years of solid relationships. The live cattle are coming through a broker, private or from our own breeding. Mainly we try wherever possible to meet up to our customers needs, while always striving for extra quality by purchasing Texel lambs and Scottish / UK lamb. 
Beside the above mentioned activities, the following additional activities are carried out:
  • the purchase of lambs already slaughtered from Scotland / UK 
  • ritual slaughter 
  • the slaughter of ostriches 
 Fa Gebr. Gijzels has high priority for the constant good quality and the freshness, with as a result a rapid rotation of the meat, where flexibility is of crucial importance.